i Haz Carrd Ready! 🚀

we make ready to go niche carrd themes to use in your own carrd - we accept fiat, steem, sbd and soups from our amazon wishlist! -- templates are $35 and we promise to transfer them to your account within 12 hrs!

A. Purchase a ready to go template from the options below, our prices are low because we need soups (badly)

B. Enter payment details and your email address (please match the same carrd email details) because... EASIER.

C. The template shows up in your own Carrd account- rapid AF (normally minutes) you can edit or hire us to edit for you! (like, yay)



we get it, you are super busy with all your client work and projects and you don't have time to update your website -- it's time to build out your carrd freelancer site today and easy!


you've seen those box services on the web right where you subscribe to get a box delivered monthly to your door right? we might end up setting one of those up! :)


we have a quick fire landing page for your brand new fresh agency of people you love working together with, heck you might have already pulled some projects together, show them off!

☕️ cafe // DEMO

you can often find us checking out the local breakfast at cafes across europe and secretly hiding in co-working spaces drinking their amazing coffee, just starting out? this is for you!


looking to have a standalone landing page ready to go for your e-books promotion for sharing with social media sites or amazon, this might be just what you need and only for $29


need to rapidly prototype a page full of your brand new rad t-shirt designs? we built out a template just for you that can use either stripe or gumroad for payment, we have one live, beeb.ee


having words for years together with a hong kong based skincare company on branding we realised that there was no easy setup design for those that could not afford shopify yet, so we made it!



your special day but you don't want to go the whole wedding package hog, we built you this stunning landing page template so you can easily add your pictures and share quick!


Again, i have no idea about this so you'll need to help me out with the text for this but i decided to write out three lines because i want to see what it looks like when together.


i have no idea what to talk about bridal shower because i'm a boy and boys don't really understand what bridal showers are about because you know, not smart, please update me dayleeo!


arrived to a new area and want to start promoting your new meetup event, we made a landing page template design for that so you just need to drop in testimonials, bullet points and go!



so you are starting out with your podcast this year and want a simple and easy page to update that shows all your socials and embeds from anchor.fm -- super easy to get going today!


have you seen the state of actor websites in 2019. trust us, they are horrific, we want to go around and improve the lives and styling of all 1980's looking actor pages worldwide. help us!


got yourself a carrd account to cut down on the flickr costs (yep us too) we built out this template to really show off some of your best work and even included some stripe buy now buttons.


need a super basic website for your band to take things up another level and to make contacting you a lot easier, we've put together one or two of these for bands we saw and liked.



think you are better to put three lines about this than me. i mean i could say that our sites are blessed by the very hands of angels but i'm not sure if focusing on the angels hands is a good ange(l)


awesome, you run a non profit and every bit of money you need to put into delivering on your non profit goals. we get that, we made a sharp, slick page that puts your values front and centre.

Don't see the template you need?- Shoot us a message, there's a very good chance we can get our website-making elves to make something custom just for you!

We also take payments in STEEM & SOUP!

that's right we accept STEEM payments and Soup/Ramen from our Amazon Wishlist! We are constantly looking for ways to bring people and businesses to the STEEM blockchain!

our video player aim is to bring you up to date information, with multiple translations and fully searchable videos for keywords. We have so much more to come for small businesses and know that buying our templates puts money back into the STEEM blockchain!

We have something for. .. Photographers, Musician/Band, Beauty/Skincare, Actor/VA, Personal / CV, Agency Digital Freelancer Landing Pages, Podcast, Digital Service / Web App, Community / Non Profit / Charity, t-shirt site (gumroad style) and wedding, baby shower, bridal showers! .. . and we priced them from $35

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we also have a course on carrd making!

copy our business model and sell templates using the powerful carrd system. $49 for the course which you can find on udemy or a premium signup on skillshare!

we accept steem and sbd payments of equal value


We promise to send you stuff that you will think is cool and useful because let's because who has time for boring newsletters and opinions about stuff that happened yesterday. ya know? sweet.